The SWLfSC is a network of over 130 organisations and individuals across the South West of England. Coalition members share expertise in sustainable development, education & learning and understand that:

“Learning, viewed broadly, is crucial to the development of a sustainable South West.”

Our three key roles:

Developing a coherent framework within which ESD initiatives and services can be located.
Pro-actively sharing ideas and experiences across the region and with other regions.
Giving the ESD movement a ‘voice’, a sense of solidarity and a stronger means of influencing policy makers and those who monitor and fund learning.
Project in focus

Gloucestershire Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP)

GEEP is a group of organisations offering support to schools and other educational groups in the field of sustainability education. By bringing together the expertise and resources of each organisation, we are able to offer support in all aspects of this sustainability work.

Our latest sustainable stories…


Remember when the fear has passed, and normaility returns, That in our hours of darkness, a light forever burns, Though terrified, exhausted, they gave us…


school grounds

Education for sustainability happens both within the curriculum and  through the management systems of the institution, with the environment around the school being as important…