With a passion for Biology (Lond.) and a PGCE in Science/Maths - two years teaching in Outer London quickly led into 15 years setting up , teaching or managing Environmental and OE centres in Portsmouth, Weymouth and Purbeck. As a mature student at London South Bank University Mairi embarked an MSC, worked as ESD manager for Dorset CC and then embarked on a 10 year journey: partnership working, teaching and writing around education for sustainability. She still teaches, sails and networks for ESD, living in Dorset with husband dog and 2 student daughters.


Remember when the fear has passed, and normaility returns, That in our hours of darkness, a light forever burns, Though terrified, exhausted, they gave us more not less, The hitherto neglected, but treasured NHS. Remember that a virus like nothing seen before, Arrived without a passport and lived within our shores, Our enemy had travelled…

school grounds

Education for sustainability happens both within the curriculum and  through the management systems of the institution, with the environment around the school being as important as that within the buildings. ‘Top tips for schools to engage with biodiversity‘ contains a wealth of useful contacts. Archived at: http//www.education.gov.uk/publications/standard/publicationDetail/Page1/DCSF-00227-2010   What’s your story?