Remember when the fear has passed, and normaility returns,

That in our hours of darkness, a light forever burns,

Though terrified, exhausted, they gave us more not less,

The hitherto neglected, but treasured NHS.

Remember that a virus like nothing seen before,

Arrived without a passport and lived within our shores,

Our enemy had travelled by land and sea, through skies

to hold the world to ransom and take us by surprise.

Remember when a cough or sneeze, so innocent before,

Became a full blown arson and its weapons in this war,

And pictures of deserted streets in cities/towns, worldwide,

were soon the new reality as we all stayed inside.

Remember that some heroes who fought on our behalf

Will never feel the sun again, or hear their children laugh,

We could not give them armour, some begged for PPE,

Yet still they bravely soldiered forth to nurse us selflessly.

Remember also those unseen that pulled out all the stops,

The police force and the postmen, the staff within the shops,

Production lines and farmers, the experts in logisitics,

The scientists, the media and endless grim statistics.

Remember that the world has changed but every crisis brings

a chance to make a difference, and learn so many things,

The unity of effort and just what can be done,

When the whole world sticks together, and co-exists as ‘one’.

My last words are for Boris…remember this I plead,

That in your hours of danger and your very desperate need,

The people that were forgotten in the politics before

were those that risked their lives for you, and to save so many more!!!

Annette Casson-Jones 13/4/2020