Everyone has a story to tell…

Everyone has a story to tell, a reason that they live their lives the way they  do. Starting with  the National Sustainable Schools Conference in Bristol we are asking people to share their ‘Stories of Sustainability’:

  • what  makes  people change the way they live their lives? Education or training;  discussion or media?
  • Can we learn from this?
  • How can we use stories like these to engage other people with sustainability?

We are growing  a set of stories; showing how people across the South West are shaping a sustainable future. When submitting your story, please ‘file’ your story under one of the 17 Goals, but be wise to their joined up nature.

Sustainable Schools Stories

Is it fake – or is it news?

The stories will be checked and rotated…we seek positive behaviour change. The Shorenstein centre for research into media explores the issues brilliantly.

Submit your story…

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What influenced you most?

Formal learning (School, further / higher education or technical and vocational Education and training)Informal learning (libraries, museums, media, faith, sport or other.)Non-formal learning (home, community, citizenship, trade, food or health)